Yarn Bowls: What You Need to Know About Using One

learn how to use a yarn bowl

A yarn bowl can be a great way to help keep your yarn easy to work with, especially to keep it untangled and clean. Knots can be hard to unravel, but using a yarn bowl is a great way to keep them from forming! Learning how to use a yarn bowl can be tricky. But … Read more

What is the Best Yarn for Knitting Socks?

best yarn for knitting socks

The Best Yarn for Knitting Socks at a Glance: Socks can be knit with any type of yarn, but some yarn is better suited for hand knit socks. The best yarn for knitting socks is durable, elastic, able to withstand hard use, and moisture tolerant. Choosing the right sock yarn is about picking the perfect … Read more

How Much Yarn do I Need to Knit a Sweater?

how much yarn to knit a sweater

How much yarn do you need to knit a sweater? It depends – on the yarn weight, fiber content, sweater size, the pattern, the style (e.g., fair isle, aran, etc.) … On average, you need a minimum of 1000 yards to knit an adult sweater. You should also buy an additional 10% of yarn just … Read more

111 Knitting Abbreviations Every Knitter Should Know

knitting abbreviations and meanings

Knitting abbreviations are used in knitting patterns to save space when printing and to make patterns easier to read. But if you don’t know what an abbreviation means, it’s like you’re reading an unfamiliar language. While many knitting abbreviations make sense to people who been knitting for a while, they can be confusing and frustrating … Read more

Learn How to Use a Yarn Swift

how to use a yarn swift

Using a yarn swift at a glance: Once you learn how to use a yarn swift, it’s quick and easy to turn hanks and skeins into balls of yarn. You’ll save hours of time winding lace weight yarn. You’ll no longer need to trap restless kids, friends, or loved ones for ages while you wind … Read more

11 Reasons to Start a Knitting Blog (That Will Make You Money)

reasons to start a knitting blog

Why You Should Start a Knitting Blog at a Glance: Blogging is a great way to gain exposure to brands that are looking for knitting pattern designers. A knitting blog allows you to share your talent with the world. You can generate passive income and work from anywhere in the world with a blog. I … Read more

4 Important Tips for Knitting on Circular Needles

using circular needle tips

Using circular knitting needles goes beyond simple knits and purls. Find out tips for knitting on circular needles and how they can help you knit better. The amazing thing about circular needles is they find their way into knitting bags all over the world. They are convenient, versatile, and can be a great needle for … Read more

5 Ways Knitting Benefits Your Sex Life

knitting benefits

Knitting isn’t just about making sweaters and scarves. See how knitting benefits your sex life – in and out of the bedroom. Are Knitting Benefits All in Your Head? Your love life starts in your brain. Your brain gets signals through neurotransmitters to release chemicals that start an increased flow of blood through your arteries … Read more

5 Tips for Knitting with Interchangeable Needles

interchangeable knitting needle tips

Knitting with interchangeable needles can be easy, as long as you know a few basics. Hopefully these simple tips will help ensure all the projects you knit with interchangeable needles will be fun and easy. Welcome! I am so excited to help you learn more about knitting with interchangeable needles! Are your interchangeable knitting needles … Read more

5 Knitting Tips to Make You a Better Knitter

knitting tips to make you a better knitter

It’s easy to become a better knitter, as long as you know a few basics. Hopefully, the knitting tips in this article will help you ensure the success of your projects – and your happiness as you knit. We all want to become better knitters. Even knitters working at this craft since they were children … Read more