15 Netflix Shows to Watch While Knitting | #KnitFlix

netflix and knit with these #knitflix shows

Watching Netflix while knitting speeds up knitting projects and takes the guilt away from binge-watching TV. Who doesn’t enjoy spending an evening where you can Netflix and chill? This post will help you find some great ideas for your next #Knitflix marathon. These are the shows that I believe are the most binge-worthy on Netflix, … Read more

9 Common Knitting Mistakes Beginners Make (& How to Fix Them)

how to fix knitting mistakes

Beginning knitters want their project to look like it just stepped out of a designer knitting book. They want everything to go right from selecting yarn to binding off that final stitch, but it doesn’t always work quite that way. They often end up wondering how to fix common knitting mistakes. Here is how to … Read more

100+ Celebrities Who Knit: Young, Male, and Female

young males who knit

Knitting is the new trend, with the number of people picking up needles increasing yearly. But for some people it never fell out of fashion. You might be surprised by how many celebrities knit in real life, not just “for pretend” in a movie. Why do Celebrities Knit? Many of us only see the glitz … Read more