Lykke Interchangeable Needles Review

Article by Emma Lane

The Lykke Interchangeable Needles are one of the top wooden interchangeable sets for good reason. Their strong wood allows knitters to knit longer with less hand fatigue and can bring welcome relief to anyone with arthritic hands. But these needles don’t just make knitting more comfortable! Their smooth joins and beautiful designs can make knitters admire them as much as their knitting.

Let’s take a closer look at the material, length, size,  joins, and durability of these needles. How will they spark your interest in seeing just how happy you can be with a set of Lykke interchangeable needles?

Lykke Interchangeable Needles Review Facts

Overall rating: 

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Look & Feel:  

What We Like

  • Lightweight warming wood may help painful hands while knitting
  • Eco-friendly wood product
  • Grabs slippery yarns
  • Beginning knitters may find it easier to knit with these stickier needles
  • Dark colored cable works great for counting light colored yarn stitches

What We Don't Like

  • Needles may grab yarns too much for fast knitters
  • Dark colored cables may make it difficult to count stitches on the cable
  • Cables may be too stiff for magic loop
  • Tips may not work well for lace knitting

Just about every knitter knows by now that the Norwegian word for happiness is lykke (pronounced luu-kah). They also know that using Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable knitting needles bring happiness to knitting projects.

Although not made from actual driftwood, these wooden needles bring the best of several worlds together – strong birch wood, metal connector ends, and plastic interchangeable cables. This is great news for anyone who loves knitting with wood or is seeking an interchangeable needle that can soothe aching hands.

The Lykke interchangeable needles have a bit of grab like you typically find with wooden needles, which is a great benefit to anyone just learning to knit or who is worried about dropped stitches. But it can be a slight problem for anyone looking to increase their knitting speed.

A downside for lace knitters are the tips – they are more rounded than sharp, which can make it a bit more challenging to insert the tips into stitches, such as k2tog and ssk.

Key Features

  • Birch wood needle tip with attached metal connector
  • Black plastic cable with one size fits all needle connector allows for simpler needle changes than some competitors
  • Largest needle size at US 17 works great for chunky yarns
  • Rounder tips for less splitting of yarn

How We Rated Our Review

Material: 5/5

Needles. Made from birch wood, these Lykke Interchangeable Needles have a gray-tone finish that appears to look like aged driftwood. Somewhat identical striations of the gray-tone help knitters identify each sized set of needle tips as no two sizes look the same in the set. Additionally, the non-colored wood assures no issue with colors leaking or transferring onto lighter colored yarns.

The connector end of the needle tip, made from metal, brings a more upscale feel to these wooden interchangeable needles.

Cables. Flexible plastic cables screw into the needle tips. These cables can be used for magic loop, but some knitters find them a bit too stiff. Although the dark colored cables match the ends of the tips, making this an aesthetically pleasing combination, it can be a little more difficult to see stitches on the cables when using darker yarns.

Length: 5/5

Needle. Lykke interchangeable knitting needles come in a long tip at 5 inches. The longer tip works well for anyone with larger hands or for knitters who like more to hold onto while they knit.

Cord or cable. The Lykke needles include cable lengths of 24 in, 32 in, and 40 in. In addition, this set comes with two extra cables for both the 24 in and the 32 in, making 5 total cables in the set.

Although the Lykke tips and cables do not have an extra drilled hole for a lifeline, you can insert a piece of cotton yarn or floss through the tightening hole in the cable.

Tip: 4/5

You’ll find the tips on the Lykke interchangeable needles somewhere in the middle, between sharp and blunt. They may not be good for lace-weight yarns or for knitters who knit tightly, but the rounder tips are less likely to split yarn. Try these tips on fingering to bulky yarn weights.

Size: 4.5/5

Sized US 4 – 17, the Lykke interchangeable needle set includes a generous set of 12 different sized pairs of needles.

Each needle and cord have US and metric sizes etched or printed on respective metal and plastic. As the metal connecting end on the tip is black, you’ll find sizes with ease as a contrasting paint shows up the sizes quite nicely.

Join 4/5

Like most interchangeable needles, these come with a screw-in type of join. You can use the pin accessory to make a tighter join with a bit of torque or leverage. Like most screw-in joins, there is a chance the needle and cable can separate while you knit. Make sure to tighten the join whenever you pick up your knitting.

Most knitters find the join between the tip and cable of these interchangeable needles to be smooth without any yarn snagging.

Yarns: 4/5

With needles sizes up to 17, you’ll find knitting chunky or bulky yarns an easy task.

Beginning knitters may find these needles a good choice as the wood grabs the yarn a bit, which means less chance of losing stitches.

If you like working with rayon or bamboo and find that these yarns slide too quickly on metal needles, then the Lykke interchangeable needles may slow the yarn movement just enough for you to be happier while knitting.

These interchangeable knitting needles may not work well with lace yarn weights due to the tip.

Durability: 3.5/5

A middle-of-the-road in wood hardness, birch wood makes a durable, strong, lightweight knitting needle. Easy to form into knitting needles, birch wood gets better with age. The natural oil from your hands creates a patina you won’t get with metal or plastic needles.

As these needles do have multiple parts, such as the wooden tip, the metal casing for the tip, and the connection on the cable, things can break or come apart. The smaller sized tips can break when under too much pressure. Also some knitters have found that the tips can wear down with use.

Look & Feel: 4.5/5

Knitters like how the Lykke interchangeable needles look right out of the box. The gray-toned wood grabs the eye, just like the pleasing color of natural wool or yak fiber.

The warming wooden needle tips cause less fatigue for knitters with arthritis.

Some knitters may find that the dark colored cable makes it difficult to find or count stitches when using darker colored yarn. But if you typically use lighter colored yarns, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

How Does it Compare?

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Color coating on these needles wears off over time.
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CHIAOGOO 7400-C Twist Tip Interchangeable Complete Set, 4-Inch
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