Susan Bates Jumbo Plastic Knitting Needles Review

Article by Emma Lane

Whether you’re knitting with super bulky or jumbo weight yarn, or roving, you need a needle that can stand up to the fiber’s weight (both in terms of thickness and heaviness). We think the Susan Bates Luxite Single Point Knitting Needles are the best jumbo knitting needles for most people. They’re lightweight and a great price. They work well for bulky blankets, sweaters and scarves.

Susan Bates Jumbo Knitting Needles Review Facts

Overall rating: 

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Look & Feel:  

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Great for large yarns
  • Quickly knit simple projects with super bulky and yarns or roving
  • Knit airy, lace like projects with smaller yarns
  • Quiet; no clicking sound like with metal needles

What We Don't Like

  • Not good for advanced knitting techniques
  • Knitted work may be heavy on your hands and wrists
  • Needles can bend and break

Who wouldn’t want to knit with a lime green knitting needle? Susan Bates Luxite plastic knitting needles come in a variety of colors such as a white shaft with a blue tip and end stop or pink shaft with a black tip and end stop. These colorful needles bring whimsy and fun into each of your knitting projects.

Always knit with small-sized needles? Why not try something different?  Knitted items work up quickly with larger sized plastic needles.

Looking to try knitting a rug with roving but don’t want to do arm knitting because your flabby underarm would be exposed? This is your lucky day! These single point needles make working with over-sized yarn a breeze.

Key Features

  • Quirky and fun, jumbo plastic knitting needles give knitters of all ages a unique experience.
  • Quickly knit lap blankets, over-sized chunky scarves, thick hats and many other items.
  • Lighter in weight than wooden needles of the same size.
  • Because projects knit fast, beginning knitters get rewarded quickly with a finished project.

Is the Susan Bates Luxite Single Point Knitting Needle Worth it?

Material: 5/5

Made from a plastic called luxite, Susan Bates’ knitting needles are one of the oldest plastic knitting needle brands. This lightweight plastic helps knitters as it doesn’t add extra weight to large-sized knitting projects. The needles are hollow, which also reduces the overall weight of the needles.

The Luxite plastic extends to the tips and end caps, which gives a tight fitting join and less opportunity for snagged yarn.

When purchasing a plastic knitting needle, look for ones that are smooth with no sharp or jagged edges that can catch the yarn. Run your hands over the plastic to feel for any sharp edges. Although the Luxite plastic of these needles typically has a smooth finish, a sharp knife and a gentle shave may be all you need to assure smooth and uninterrupted knitting.

Length: 4/5

These single point knitting needles give you a generous 14 inches in length, which provide sample room for bulkier yarn weights. Some knitters find working at a table helpful because they can rest the needle ends on the table surface.

Obviously, these needles at 14 inches in length and with a smaller yarn weight, will give you more stitches in your project but not necessarily a wider piece of knitted fabric. If you want a larger item, and for whichever yarn weight you choose, knit several pieces and seam them together.

Tip: 5/5

The colorful tips on Susan Bates’ Luxite knitting needles work best with yarns that typically split such as cottons or lightly twisted bulky wools.

Knitters find the rounded tips with short tapers (angle from tip to needle shaft) of these jumbo needles function best when knitting with heavier yarn weights.

Size: 5/5

Sized US 17 (12.5mm), 19 (15mm), 35 (19mm), and 50 (25mm), Susan Bates luxite single point knitting needles give a good variety of size options for over-sized knitting.

As big as a broomstick, the size 50 still feels lightweight, which helps with larger yarn and heavier projects.

Younger knitters may find the smaller sized US 17 and 19 easier to grip.

Having a hard time gripping smaller needles for fine knitting? Give these larger knitting needles a try. Admittedly, you’ll not be making a hap shawl, but you’ll still be knitting and that’s the most important part!

Need a last minute gift? Forget about taking days to knit the gift. Use these jumbo knitting needles to knit ultra-fast and create a blanket in just a few hours.

Yarns: 5/5

Best with super bulky or jumbo weight yarns, double or triple stranded yarns work equally well. Make your own color combination from two or more strands of yarn held together or pair different types of yarn for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Although super bulky or jumbo weight yarns appear the most logical choice when using these large knitting needles, think outside of the label. For a lacy, net-like appearance, try DK or fingering weight yarns. Create open-work curtains from cotton and bags for storing vegetables from cooking twine.

Yarns with stretch and give, such as wool, alpaca, and llama, work best with these needles. However, another important factor to think about is the intricacy of the pattern. The more twisted stiches like knit or purl through back loops, the slower the knitting with these needles.

Lightweight, due to the hollowness, these jumbo plastic needles work great with roving, however, even cotton rope or jute knits up well.

Durability: 4.5/5

A specially formulated plastic, luxite, has been the plastic of choice for Susan Bates knitting needles for over 50 years. Luxite provides strength without sacrificing a lightweight product.

As with any plastic item, take care when storing these needles as they can bend and even break. And, if you like to leave your knitting in a chair, as we sometimes do, remember to pick it up before sitting or you’ll need to find another set of needles.

Look & Feel: 5/5

Multi-colored, lightweight, and warm-to-the-touch, these needles give knitters of all ages and experience levels an opportunity to have fun while knitting.

The original color combinations of the shaft, tip and end cap, help knitters see stitches when using a contrasting yarn color.

The hollow needle benefits those knitters who find similarly sized wooden needles too heavy.

Plastic warms while using it, but just as importantly, cools down quickly when you remove your hands.

The unique colored plastic also helps you to find the needles inside a dark knitting bag. No more trying to find a matching set when you’ll know to match a blue needle to another blue needle and not a green one.

Try using different colored needles for different colored yarns, such as darker yarns on white knitting needles or pink yarn on lime green. The contrasting colors make it easier to locate the next stitch.

How Does it Compare?

Knitter's Pride Jumbo Wooden Straight Needle
Eco-friendly wood warms to the touch.

A bit heavier to work with than plastic needles.
Boye Jumbo Plastic Knitting Needles
Not quite as colorful, but still gets project knitted fast.

These are equivalent to other plastic needles. Your decision might come down to which one you find at the better price.
Knitter's Pride Basix Circular
These needles allow you to knit wider projects on their 47” tip-to-tip circular.

The plastic cord may not be strong enough for extra heavy projects like rugs.
Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-5504 Speed Stix Knitting Needles
The bright color stands out and makes them easy to find.

Similar in all aspects to the Susan Bates Luxite Single Point Needles, your purchase might just come down to the price.
Susan Bates Jumbo Single Point