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Article by Emma Lane

Watching Netflix while knitting speeds up knitting projects and takes the guilt away from binge-watching TV. Who doesn’t enjoy spending an evening where you can Netflix and chill? This post will help you find some great ideas for your next #Knitflix marathon.

These are the shows that I believe are the most binge-worthy on Netflix, while still allowing you to knit. Many of them are dramas because I think dramas are better for knitflixing. The cliff-hangers draw you into the next episode just as the idea of “one more row” keeps your needles in your hands.

But I did include comedies because we all need a good laugh from time-to-time, especially when trying to figure out how to fix a wrong stitch a bazillion rows back without ripping everything out.

Turn off your phone and get ready to #KnitFlix with these

15 Binge-worthy Netflix Shows to Watch While Knitting

Slow TV’s National Knitting Night and National Knitting Evening are great when you want to spend a whole day knitting. Over 12 hours of live knitting is like having a knitting circle in your living room. It’s inspiring to watch the fabric be created as they try to set a world record for the fastest knitted sweater.

Hart of Dixie is a light-hearted mixture of drama and comedy. If you’ve ever felt like a misfit looking for a place to belong, thought your love life was too messy, or just wanted some six-pack eye candy (does Wade ever wear a shirt in season 2?), you can’t go wrong watching this Netflix show while knitting and chilling.

The Crown will inspire you to knit your finest projects with the best yarn you can afford. It follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from before she became queen to the modern day. Strangely addictive, it’s well acted and well done all around.

Stranger Things takes you back to the ‘80s while throwing in some sci-fi and horror. Will the vintage ‘80s style inspire you to add shoulder pads to your next knitted sweater?

Frasier is fantastic for a laugh. With over 250 episodes, you’re sure to be able to complete any #KnitFlix project. Filled with great actors and character development, Niles is my favorite character from beginning to end.

Broadchurch is hard to stop watching once you start. It’s a crime show from Britain, and leaves you guessing for the whole season. The way the lives of all of the characters overlap makes it quite interesting. Great acting, featuring Olivia Colman and Doctor Who’s David Tennant. This Netflix show is so good that sometimes I focus on it more than my knitting!

Doc Martin is a witty British show filled with comedy and drama. What happens when the town’s new doctor is afraid of blood? I’m sure he’d say it’s the best thing that could ever happen to the town. I’d say he should take up knitting to relax him and take his mind off things. What do you think?

Gilmore Girls is probably one of the best Netflix shows to watch while knitting. It has drama and comedy, but there isn’t so much going on that you drop a stitch. You can follow along easily, even if you don’t keep your eyes glued to the screen or if you don’t pay attention to every word. Watching it can make you feel as good as knitting – almost.

Death Comes to Pemberley answers the question of what happened after Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy married. How does a murder affect their happily ever after? And what does Wickham have to do with it? It makes for great knitting TV.

The Tudors is filled with marvelous costumes and acting as it takes you through the reign of King Henry VIII and his many wives.

The Last Kingdom takes place in Britain when it was under Viking rule in the 800s. England as we know it did not exist. The show follows Uhtred, a Saxon raised by Vikings, who seeks to claim his ancestral birthright. In doing so, he must learn to balance his Viking upbringing with his Saxon birth, choosing whether to follow the Vikings or Alfred the Great, the future Saxon King of Wessex.

Riverdale is based on the Archie comic books. I’ve never read the comics, but I suspect that aside from the names of the characters, the show has little to do with the comics. It gets into the darkness and weirdness that lies underneath the town of Riverdale. What looks to be a picture perfect town is really a binge-worthy show for knitters.

Haven is a supernatural drama based on the Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid. The show has an intriguing premise with a lot of twists and turns. All of the characters grow and develop during the show, with relationships evolving. One of my favorite things about the show is that it’s about trusting other people, not putting them down or treating them like they’re crazy. Besides, I could totally see Audrey take up knitting and Nathan support her by giving her unexpected gifts of yarn, never caring about the size of her stash.

Sherlock is a modern take on the great sleuth, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Each episode is like watching a movie – it’s that well done!

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