Stanwood Tabletop Amish Yarn Swift (Review)

Article by Emma Lane

The classic Stanwood Tabletop Amish Style Swift is a good all-purpose yarn swift. The practical functionality of the traditional Amish styling works well as a tabletop swift. You can wind yarn into a ball or cake with ease or even knit or crochet directly from the swift.

If you want a swift with no bells and whistles, but still gets the job done, read on to see if this Amish tabletop swift is the right one for you.

Stanwood Tabletop Amish Style Yarn Wooden Swift Review Facts

Overall rating: 

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Look & Feel:  

What We Like

  • Lightweight at approximately 1 pound
  • Simple to use
  • Spins quickly and easily
  • Removable dowels for smaller yarn hanks
  • Eco-friendly non-varnished wood
  • No clamps or screws to mar furniture
  • Good for users with mobility issues

What We Don't Like

  • Must be left on table or disassembled for storage
  • May slide on table when in use, causing uneven tension
  • Yarn hank may slide up over pegs when winding yarn
  • Sanding of rough surfaces or large pegs might be required
  • No knob on central dowel to keep arms from coming off while unwinding yarn

With a nod to the craftsmanship of Amish woodworkers, Stanwood brings us a simple-to-use tabletop swift. The simple cross design of the arms with repositionable pegs makes it easy to find the right tension to hold yarn hanks for winding into cakes or balls.

It is set-up quickly with a central wood dowel inserted into an interlocking base and arm pieces – no screws or clamps necessary. Users with small storage spaces like how this swift quickly breaks down into individual parts.

This portable yarn swift works great in any setting – from a knitting retreat to a weekend getaway or even your favorite knitting club.

Key Features

  • Wooden interlocking parts
  • No screws or clamps
  • No denting of tables
  • Use on table top or floor
  • Made from hardwood

What You Need to Know About Using the Stanwood Tabletop Amish Style Swift

Material: 4.5/5

Made from wood sourced in the US, this traditionally styled wooden swift should give you a pleasurable ball winding experience even after many uses. This Amish swift includes 5 wooden pieces that form the base of the swift. There are two interlocking base pieces and two interlocking arm pieces. A central dowel, inserted into a pre-drilled hole in each base and arm piece, connects these 4 pieces together.

That’s it! No hunting for tools. No tightening screws or a clamp. Just place each base and arm on top of the other and drop the central dowel in the middle. Simple.

This swift also comes with 4 wooden pegs that you can insert into the pre-drilled holes in the arm pieces to roughly form a circle to hold the yarn hank.

Free from paint, oils and varnish, the natural wood of this swift gains a rich patina after years of use. With no outside coating, your yarn stays free of oils and paint.

When in use, this swift does tend to slide on the table for some users. If this happens to you, placing the base on non-skid fabric or drawer liner should keep it from sliding.

Size: 5/5

Hank size: When using all four pegs, this swift holds a generous 72 inch yarn hank. When winding smaller hanks that don’t fit around the 4 pegs, you can remove one or two of the pegs before placing the hank on the swift.

Size of your yarn hank a mystery? No worries!

1. Find a hank size number etched into the wood next to pre-drilled holes on one arm. The numbers range from 30 inches to 72 inches.

2. Place the pegs into the pre-drilled holes where you think they might fit your hank. Open the hank and place around the pegs. If you guessed right, fantastic! If not, move the pegs into other holes until the hank fits snug around the pegs.

Storage space: Since this swift comes apart quickly and easily, most users disassemble it after use. It stores flat in a drawer, a box, or your own handmade carrying bag. If you like leaving your swift out for your next winding session, this tabletop swift takes up about 30 inches of tabletop or floor space.

Yarns: 4/5

All yarn weights from super fine to super chunky wind off equally well from this swift.

If your yarn hank is super thick, you’ll need to wind a bit slower to assure the yarn doesn’t come off of the pegs.

Durability: 3/5

With no screws that bite into wood each time you tighten them, the sturdy hardwood pegs and dowels of this swift should see you through many projects.

Remember that even wood can break. Excessive force at the center of the interlocking arms could cause them to snap into two or more pieces. Leaving the swift outside in the rain or in excessively damp areas could damage the wood.

As this is an all-wood product, humidity can change the way the pegs fit into the pre-drilled holes. If you live in an arid climate, you may experience loose pegs. If you live in a humid climate, you may find it harder to get the pegs in or out of the pre-drilled holes.

Look & Feel: 4.5/5

At about 1 pound, this swift is easy for even children to assemble or move.

Since assembly requires no tools, all age groups quickly assemble and disassemble it.

Users appreciate the simple style of this tabletop swift from the unvarnished wood that feels good in their hands to the ease of using it. However, some users find that the wood is rough and needs to be sanded before used.

This traditional styled swift looks good in any décor and does so with quite modest styling.

How Does it Compare?

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