Beka Yarn Swift Review

beka yarn swift review

For hand crafters looking for an easy-to-use yarn swift, the  may be it. The durability of the hardwood and the rotation on ball bearings means this swift will hold up well under a lot of use. If you purchase your yarn in hanks, and a lot of them, then the fast spinning of this swift … Read more

Stanwood Tabletop Amish Yarn Swift (Review)

Stanwood Amish Yarn Swift Review

The classic is a good all-purpose yarn swift. The practical functionality of the traditional Amish styling works well as a tabletop swift. You can wind yarn into a ball or cake with ease or even knit or crochet directly from the swift. If you want a swift with no bells and whistles, but still gets … Read more

Schacht Goko Metal Swift Review

Schacht Goko Metal Swift Review

Based on antique barrel yarn winders and bamboo swifts found in Japan, the makes it easy to wind yarn in no time. This swift is a true work of art – a cross between a water wheel and a carnival ride in appearance. But what we like the most is how well it performs and … Read more

Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift Review

Schacht Ultra Umbrella Yarn Swift Review

Have you always dreamed of a workhorse yarn swift that gets through anything you throw at it without breaking, wobbling, or scooting across a table? The Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift may be the swift of your dreams. This yarn swift does it all in one convenient package. Are your tables thicker than normal? No problem … Read more

What is the Best Yarn Swift in 2018? (with Reviews)

best yarn swift reviews

Not sure what the best yarn swift is? We’ve done the hard work for you. Follow our advice and you’ll know what to look for when buying swifts, including the different types and features to look for when selecting the best yarn swift to meet your needs. Yarn swifts are so much fun! They come … Read more